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Kids Corner

Hey Kids – See What’s Up With Electricity


It runs computers, the TV, the lights in your home and school and so much more. It’s electricity – a useful and powerful tool in your life.

Have you ever wondered how electricity is made? How it works? Why it can be dangerous if you’re not careful? Surf Electrical Safety World or visit Spark the Dogs’ Treehouse to play games, get cool facts, and learn how to stay safe around electricity.

Hey Teachers and Parents, come visit these website for Fun and Facts to Help Kids Stay Safe and Learn!

VotinatorElectricity surrounds our children every day as they use computers and appliances, and encounter cords, outlets and power lines. Electrical Safety World and Sparky the Dog is designed to teach students in grades 3 through 7 the important safety skills they need to make good choices around electricity.

Use Electrical Safety World and Sparky the Dog to engage a child’s imagination with interactive games, fun experiments, and hands-on activities. Kids learn how to prevent injuries and save lives. The site also has resources for science education with directed learning activities.

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