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Wiring Relocation

Wiring Relocation

Dunman Electric offers expert wiring relocation services to customers in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, San Marcos and nearby areas. You might have a number of reasons for wanting to take on wiring relocation in your house, including for remodeling reasons or if a switch or outlet is in an inconvenient place. Outlets are frequently relocated whenever bathrooms and kitchen areas are remodeled or when an addition is constructed. Relocating the wiring of outlets and switches can be carried out without difficulty during a remodeling project.

We’ll start by marking the new place for the outlet or switch and use a drywall saw to cut the opening. Next, we will switch off the power to the outlet and check to make sure it is off by placing the electrical wire tester into the outlets in the room where we’re doing work. To confirm that the power to the switches is shut off, we’ll take away the switch cover and hold each lead of the tester to a single switch terminal.

Then, we’ll take off the cover from the outlet we’re relocating. Next, we will test the outlet one more time to guarantee the power is off. We will get rid of the plug from the remodel box and take away the wires from the plug.

Dunman Electric provides expert wiring relocation services to Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Dripping Springs, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Lakeway, San Marcos, Leander, and surrounding areas in central Texas. Contact us today to set up an appointment. 512-523-5007

Certified Electricians

Next, our certified electricians will run the fish-tape, which is often used as a wire puller, from the new outlet hole we cut to the pre-existing outlet hole. Then, we’ll hook up 14-gauge plastic-sheathed electrical wire to the fish-tape using electrical tape and pull the wire from one outlet to a new one.

At the outlet’s first location, we will thread the old and new electrical wires through the back of a plastic-type remodel box. This box is going to be used as a junction box. Next, we are going to tear the wire’s sheathing down with the wire strippers, and then hammer one insulated metallic staple into the wall stud, attaching the electrical wire just over the box. Our electricians will then put in the remodel boxes while using wall anchor screws. When we tighten down on the screws, the wall anchors will open up and fasten the box to the wall.

We’ll make use of wire nuts to join the wires in the junction box, coordinating the wires by color. Then, we will make use of the screwdriver to put a basic plastic-type cover over the box. The majority of codes require that the junction box have access, so we will not drywall over it. Then, we’ll connect the brand new outlet in the other plastic remodel box by connecting the black wire to the gold screw, the white wire to the silver screw, and also the green wire to the ground screw.

Electrical Outlet Installation

Electrical Disconnect

We will complete the new electrical outlet installation by securing the installing anchoring screws to the box. Finally, we’ll turn on the power and check to see if the outlet is functioning. We will be certain to place a cover over the outlet, and we’ll follow the same process to move a switch.

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