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Electrical Hazards

Grounded type (three prong) outlets may not be substituted for ungrounded (two prong) outlets unless a ground wire is connected. An exception to this rule is allowed when the outlet is protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

Yes they can be. Breakers are meant to trip when there is a problem with the outlet or switch that you are using. Sometimes if you have an item plugged in or a short in a switch the Federal Pacific breakers trip mechanism malfunctions causing the breakers to stay on. This can cause the breaker, the switch, the outlet, or the equipement to overheat and a fire can result. Federal Pacific panels have a higher risk of this occuring.

For more info click here: Federal Pacific Website

Storm Season is here! Is your home and equipement protected from lightning surges? Probably not! Most people wait until they need something before they getr it- however, in the case of surge protection, if you wait until you need them, it’s too late!

Did you know:

  • Many homeowners policies do not cover lightining strikes.
  • Many insurance companies give a discount for homes that have surge proection installed. The average home gets 20 energy spikes per day
  • You can get 30% more life out of your appliances and electronic equipement if you have and use surge protectors.
  • A lightning strike up to one mile from your home can do damage to your sensitive equipement.
  • You can have PEACE OF MIND and not have to pay alot for it!

At Dunman Electric, Austins Best Electrician, we are offering a huge discount in the months of May and June for a whole house surge protector.

For just $175 you can protect your entire home- pool motors, TV’s, phones, computers, appliances and more! Normally $349. Thats a 50% savings! Call today to set up an appointment. Dont wait until its too late!

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